Employment solutions (PEO/EOR) in China.

Expand into China by employing or relocating key staff to take a first step in exploring the market. Acclime is a professional employer organisation (PEO), and can act as the official employer of record (EOR) for your staff in China while you expand your business. With the support of our trusted partner network, we can facilitate local hiring and employment.

Banking & treasury services in China

Employ your staff in China through Acclime.

You can start your expansion into China from afar by finding suitable employees to break ground locally, and you can hire your employees before your entity is incorporated. Acclime’s PEO employment solution frees you of the costly and time-consuming need for incorporation while you are exploring the opportunity and waiting for your business case to prove itself.

Acclime provides comprehensive and competent Professional Employer Organization (PEO) services, allowing you to outsource employment until you are ready for the next step.

Move forward

Our qualified and experienced team helps you employ your staff throughout China in a fully legal way. While Acclime is the official employer of record, your staff are free to work on your business expansion.

Be efficient

Provide us with your employee data, and we will set up the payroll to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has.

Build a partnership

Our HR-team can assist in posting job descriptions and interviewing on your behalf, while our trusted network of recruiting firms can headhunt candidates.

PEO employment solutions in China

Everything you need to build your team in China from afar.

Acclime’s PEO employment solutions help you to enter the China market without the immediate need to commit to creating a legal entity here. Whether relocating an existing employee or making a new hire, Acclime’s professional and complete employment services provide an ideal first step to expansion.

Essential employment services.

  • Recruit local or expatriate staff for your China business or projects
  • Register your employee with Acclime as the employer of record
  • Organise the initial payroll setup, including salary calculation, Chinese labor contract, staff handbook, etc.
  • Pay out approved monthly salaries to staff using whatever policy you wish to implement (E.g., net or gross, taxable or non-taxable income, recurring or non-recurring payments).
  • Organise and pay all required social insurance contributions and individual income tax (IIT)
  • Handle monthly reimbursements.
  • Process work permits and other immigration matters for foreign employees.

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Common questions.

Is there a minimum wage requirement in China?
The Labour Law provides a minimum wage requirement, which is determined at a provincial level. The Regulations on Minimum Wages (adopted in March 1, 2004) require all provinces, autonomous regions, and directly administered municipalities to set minimum wage standards and report them to the Ministry. Employers that fail to meet these standards may be ordered to compensate employees for the difference, pay other compensation, or both. Employers must also deduct and withhold employee individual income tax, social security and related payments.
Are Chinese employees entitled to receive subsidies?
Employers and employees must participate in the PRC social insurance system for unemployment, old age pensions, medical treatment, work-related injuries and maternity care. In addition to these mandatory subsidies, employers may also introduce incentive schemes such as bonuses or allowances. These incentives can refer to the related preferential terms and standard policies on business income tax and employee’s individual income tax issued by national and local tax offices
What are the standard working hours in China?

The standard workweek is eight hours, five days a week.. Enterprises requiring different standards may, with the approval from the local labour administration, adopt flexible work systems.

Restrictions apply to overtime work. Overtime may not exceed three hours per day and 36 hours per month. This may be longer under special circumstances and subject to agreement with trade unions and employees. Standard overtime wages are:

  • 150% of regular wage for overtime
  • 200% of regular wage for work on rest days
  • 300% of regular wage for work on statutory holidays

Employees who have worked continuously for one year or more are entitled to paid annual leave. The amount of annual leave varies according to accumulated years of service, normally 5-20 days a year.

What are the components of employees’ wages?

Workers’ wages generally include pay on time basis, pay on piecework basis, bonus, allowance and subsidy, over-time pay, and other payment for special duties. 

The following must be provided, but not included in workers’ wages:

  • Social insurance and welfare benefits, such as bereavement, poverty relief, and paid by the employer to individual staff
  • Labour protection-related benefits, such as allowances on work clothes, detoxification agents and refreshing drinks
  • Other labour remuneration not listed in the total payroll according to relevant regulations.
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