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Payroll outsourcing
service in China.

Acclime provides comprehensive and competent payroll outsourcing services for your China business. Our qualified and experienced team can help you systemise your payroll processes, be compliant with local laws and remove these time-consuming tasks from your team’s schedule.

Payroll outsourcing service in Indonesia

Leave your payroll to
our in-country experts.

Enjoy the simplification of working with the in-country payroll experts. Through our online-managed payroll services, you can expect:

Integrated compliance

We calculate and process your payroll accurately, as to free you of any payroll compliance worry

Robust reporting

Get a complete overview of your HR management and expenses in reports to allow you to keep on top of any issues

Online management portal

Seamlessly view and manage your company’s payroll through a self-service platform

Payroll services

Flexible and scalable payroll solutions.

Our payroll services cover all aspects of the payroll process and can be custom-configured and scaled to your company policy’s needs while offering economy of scale.

  • Payroll

    A. Initial payroll setup

    Provide us with your employee data and we will set up the payroll system to your specific needs, regardless of what compensation and benefits policy your company has (net or gross, taxable or non-taxable income, recurring or non-recurring payments).

    What is included?


    B. Monthly payroll services*

    We will remind you monthly to confirm all employee details, such as salary, leave and more. We will then process the payroll calculations, statutory contributions, filings, salary payments, IIT calculations and other paperwork for you. You will only need to sign off on our preparation. Detailed reports, including payslips and other documents, will be available to you online on the client-service platform.

    What is included?


    C. Helpdesk

    Nominate an authorised person in your company to work with us, and we will provide that person with direct access to a dedicated representative to deal with any enquiries from your company or from employees.


    D. Year-end services

    We will prepare and submit all the necessary year-end returns, filings and tax forms for each employee.

    What is included?


    Client self-service portal

    Managing the payroll is easy and efficient with our cloud-based client self-service portal. With interfaces for employees (employee self-service) and management (management self-service), both parties have access to relevant information pertaining to them and can seamlessly manage:

    • Employee data
    • Employee attendance
    • Requesting and managing leave
    • Claiming expenses and more

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Intial payroll setup.

  • Initial setup of the payroll software
  • Input employees’ data
  • Upload payroll history of employees
  • Define and agree on the information and document flow
  • Setup corporate social insurance account and corporate housing fund account and arrange for all staff to be enrolled

Monthly payroll services.

  • Process monthly payroll based on the information and data provided by you
  • Calculate net payroll amount payable to the employees
  • Implementation of monthly tax deductions for both foreign and local staff
  • Social security and housing fund contributions calculations and submission
  • Generate payroll reports for your approval
  • Distribute net salaries to the employees’ bank accounts
  • Issue monthly payslips to employees
  • Verify employee expense claims

Year-end services.

  • Annual IIT declarations and returns
  • Annually coordinate on filing with tax office for IIT consolidation of expatriates
  • Calculate special IIT deductions for each employee (optional)
  • Process and record annual leave, commissions & bonuses to staff
  • Adjust calculations of social insurance and housing fund contributions (twice a year as required by law and designated by authorities)

*Our monthly regular processing fees follow a tiered structure, where the average costs per employee will decrease as the total number of employees increases. The total monthly processing fees will be the sum of the costs for each tier. Your actual monthly fees will then vary based on the fluctuations in your headcount.

An irregular processing fee will be applied as required for any employee payment processing, which does not coincide with monthly regular payroll processing (off-cycle processing), e.g. religious festivities bonus, performance bonus pay-outs, incentives and more.

Payroll implementation process

Simple steps to implement your payroll.

1. Initial assessment

We expertly assess your payroll needs, select the required services and prepare commencement of the agreed services. We will identify and make recommendations on areas for improvement to make the payroll process more efficient.

2. Service blueprint

Once engaged for our payroll service, we will produce a payroll blueprint document. This outlines everything required in the payroll administration (such as including initial data migration, ongoing processing, calculation details, reporting requirements and employee services, and payroll calendar) and it serves as a reference for both parties.

3. Testing phase

We create a test environment featuring the customised payroll system to meet your requirements. We set up the system, migrate the employee data and integrate transaction data for comment and approval.

4. Parallel run & evaluation

Then, we run payroll processes and make comparisons with the previous payroll calculations. After performing quality checks and resolving any calculation differences, we work with you to make the switch to our payroll system.

5. Production

Your payroll system is set up precisely as required and is ready to begin service to your HR team and your employees.

Ongoing customer support from people who care about your team.

Engage with our professionals for exceptional payroll and individual income tax support. Even if your company is running without a hitch, we will continue to notify you when there are regulatory changes that could possibly impact your company.

Acclime benefits

Why outsource your payroll to Acclime?

Reduced operating costs

Save expenses with our cost-effective payroll technology. There is no need to worry about any hidden costs as our fees are transparent and predictable. We can also decrease your spendings by combining it with other services such as HR, accounting and taxation.

Complete payroll solution

Our services will provide you with everything you will need to pay your staff accurately and on schedule, from calculating payroll and benefits through tax computation to payments, robust reporting and statutory compliance filings. Everything is customed to meet your company size and needs.

Effective communication & reporting

Make your work hassle-free and be in the loop of your payroll process with our effective payroll services, consistent reporting and communication through a single point of contact.

Common questions.

Why should we outsource our company’s payroll?

Outsourcing your payroll has many benefits, one of which is maintaining the confidentiality and sensitivity of your company’s salary and benefits information. By entrusting a third – party payroll service to handle these details, you can ensure that your company’s private information remains secure.

Additionally, outsourcing your payroll can save you time and money, as you don’t need to invest in expensive software or hire additional staff to manage your payroll. 

What payroll software does Acclime use?

At Acclime, we use the Take 5 payroll system, a comprehensive platform that provides standard payroll reports for approval and salary pay slips for each employee. This software is user–friendly, reliable, and can easily handle complex payroll calculations and reporting.

Does China have payroll tax?

Yes, mainland China has an individual income tax on an annual salary basis. This tax is calculated based on an employee’s salary and varies based on income level. Our payroll consultants are well–versed in Chinese tax law and can advise you on navigating this complex area. 

Will I have a dedicated payroll consultant?

Yes. We believe in providing personalised service to each of our clients, which why you will have a dedicated payroll consultant to handle all your payroll – related needs. This includes everything from payroll reports and social insurance contributions to tax – free allowance advance and tax calculation. Your consultant will work closely with you to ensure that your payroll is accurate, timely, and compliant with all relevant regulations.

Are there any hidden fees?

At Acclime, our standard quotation includes all standard payroll–related works. Any additional required payroll work will be charged on either a fixed fee or time basis, which will always be discussed with you in advance. We believe in transparency and want to ensure our clients know exactly what they are paying for.

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