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Temporary residence permits in China.

When arriving in China on a work (Z) or business (M) visa, you must immediately begin the process of obtaining a temporary or foreign residence permit, which essentially acts as your long-term visa. Our dependable immigration team specialises in guiding applicants through the process in order to make sure it is a clear and seamless transition from your visa to residency.

Temporary residence permits in China

What is a residence permit?

Many visas issues are meant to allow arrival and then have a limited term of validity. In order to extend your right of stay, you will need a residence permit. These are forms put into your passport that allow longer-term stays and multiple re-entry during that term. Applications for resident permits are made at the local police station, and passports need to be left with them for approximately two weeks, so travel needs to be planned carefully. Our team will fully advise you on the process.

Residence permits in numbers.

6-12 months

Temporary, one-off

1 year

Employment, renewable

10 years

Permanent, renewable

Temporary residence permit

Foreigner residence permits are usually valid for one year and are renewable. These are the standard permits for foreigners arriving on work visas (Z) to take up employment and are also provided to their dependents. Temporary residence permits may also be granted for shorter terms for foreigners arriving on ‘M’ and other short-term visas.

Permanent residence permit

Permanent residence permits are valid for 10 years and are issued to long-term residents meeting the criteria. At Acclime, we also assist with applications for permanent residence permits.
Application process

Taking care of the whole application process from start to finish.

Pre-application advice

Advice on acquiring a dependant visa in China and requirements for a successful application

Application tracking

Filing and tracking the status of applications

Document issuance

Arranging for issuance of dependant visa upon in-principle approval

Visa renewals

Handling renewal of business visa before it expires
Application documents

What you will need to apply.

Both S and Q type visas will require the following documents:

  • Passport with valid entry visa
  • Completed visa application form with official stamp
  • Original registration form of temporary residence
  • Family member’s passport with a valid residence permit for S visa or family member’s ID and a proof of over six months’ residence in China for Q visa
  • Two passport photos with white or light blue background
  • A letter from your family member guaranteeing that your living expenses will be taken care of and that you will follow Chinese laws during your stay
  • Relationship certificate notarised by the Chinese embassy

S1 and Q1 visa applications will also require an original health certificate except for children less than 18 years old or senior citizens more than 70 years old.

S visa will also require an application letter with official stamp and a copy of the business license from your family member’s company.

The average processing time will take 2-3 weeks.

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