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Business visa
in China.

If you are planning on visiting China for business, our immigration team can help you get the necessary business visa quickly and easily.

Business visa in China

What is a business visa?

A China business visa, or M-visa, is needed by people making business trips to China on behalf of their foreign employer and allows multiple entries with stays of up to 60 days per trip. The M-visa does not allow employment within China.

Our immigration team helps you to make sure all the paperwork is in order before you apply at a Chinese embassy, consulate, or Chinese Visa Application Center. The number of entries and length of validity is issued at the discretion of the processing official.

Application documents

What you will need to apply.

A business visa application needs the following documents:

  • Passport, with at least six months validity remaining and two blank pages (if you have another passport with a valid Chinese visa in it, you will need to submit that passport as well)
  • Visa application form
  • Photo glued to your application form
  • Invitation letter from a government agency, company, or event organiser
Acclime’s immigration team will assist you with the application forms and the invitation letter. We will ensure all documents are complete and accurate. We will fully prepare you for submission of your application and use our expertise to increase your chances of receiving the visa you need.
Application process

How to apply for a China business visa.

We will assist with the application documents and check the details, especially regarding the application form and invitation letter. Once we have sent you the paperwork, you will need to apply at the nearest China Visa Application Center or, if your country does not have one, at your nearest Chinese embassy.

You should apply for your visa approximately one month prior to your entry into China as business visas have a 90-day period of validity.

It usually takes four to six working days to process the application, although rush services are sometimes available.

You should request the invitation letter well in advance of your departure. The original invitation letter, additional supporting documents, or an interview may be requested at the official’s discretion. We will make sure you are well prepared, but you do need to plan in advance.

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