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HR administrative
services in China.

Acclime provides a complete suite of HR administrative services designed to help businesses without dedicated HR teams implement their corporate HR policies reliably, securely, and punctually.
HR administrative services in Indonesia

Save time with HR best practices on demand.

Hiring and growing your team can be easier than you think. Acclime can help you save time and cost by taking essential HR responsibilities off your hands. Our HR admin services range from responding to employee queries to company regulations setup and contractual documentation. We can also provide ongoing payroll support.
Human resource services

Our HR administrative services.

  • Company regulations and documents for employees (in conjunction with our legal partner, R&P China Lawyers)

    • Drafting and reviewing employment contracts to comply with the local employment laws
    • Preparing standard employee handbook
    • Preparing standard job descriptions
    • Advising on local employment laws
    • Preparing HR policy manuals
    • Advice and support on the issuance of offer letters
    • Support foreign employees on Visa, Work Permit and Residence Permit applications and extensions
    • Salary benchmark studies
    • Polish and post bilingual job descriptions
    • Conduct job interviews
    • Train finance staff


  • Employee registration and deregistration

    • Assisting with joiners, termination and retirement
    • Enrolling employees with social insurance and housing fund departments
    • Assisting with payroll administration and handling bank payments
    • Prepare and maintain leave (annual/statutory/sick/maternity) records of employees
    • Assist in getting appropriate statutory insurance policies for employees (public liabilities for the company)


  • Monthly personnel management services

    • Handling employee queries remotely


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Flexible HR administration costs.

We will always be here to support your business and your employees. Contact us when you need our flexible and cost-effective services, which will be based on the size of your team.

Common questions.

What HR functions can we outsource?

We offer various HR outsourcing services, including recruitment, payroll, Hukou application, and visa application services. By outsourcing these functions, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on your core business and drive revenue growth. 

Why is HR outsourcing important?

HR outsourcing can provide many benefits to your business. By partnering with an experienced HR outsourcing provider like us, you can reduce your investment in manpower, financial and management resources, which can increase your return on enterprise operation. Additionally, outsourcing your HR functions allows you to focus on your core business and core technology, which directly brings profits to your enterprise. With our expertise in HR outsourcing services, we can provide your company with more professional and accurate service that can help you save time, money and increase efficiency. 

We are a small business. Do we need to outsource our HR?

Yes, it is highly necessary for small businesses to outsource their HR functions. Outsourcing your HR can help you save on labour costs and minimise labour risks. Additionally, by partnering with an experienced HR outsourcing provider, you can benefit from our expertise and knowledge in HR management, which can help you navigate complex employment laws and regulations. 

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