Tax deregistration in China.

Tax deregistration in China

Tax deregistration in China can occur for many reasons. Closing a local store, closing an office, liquidation to move into another country, or bankruptcy are all legitimate factors for deregistration.

Pre-bankruptcy or financial difficulties

Underperforming real-estate assets and properties (often due to poor management), inadequate debt or equity capitalisation and unpredictable changes to the real estate market can significantly affect the financial health of any company.

Acclime has an extensive understanding of bankruptcy issues, as well as the knowledge and experience necessary to help companies in seeking out alternative financial sources. With a focus on corporate value, we aim to optimise financial returns in difficult situations in order to add value to your organisation.

Tax deregistration services in this domain include:

  • Proactive asset protection to safeguard personal and business holdings from future financial problems
  • Dispute mediation to resolve issues and facilitate agreements
  • Investigations into problematic areas and providing support for the implementation of a recovery plan
  • Receiverships to protect, preserve or sell a company’s assets or to carry on the business
  • Proposals to reorganise debt and help you get back on track financially
  • Bankruptcies to maximise the realisation of assets and fairly distribute the proceeds

Turnaround management/restructuring

These services will focus on distressed companies that are committed to recovery. At this stage, Acclime assists management in setting a strategy and executing a plan of reorganisation. Each plan of reorganisation is specific and based on a company’s unique situation and will usually include some of each of the following components:

  • Financial Turnaround: including debt refinancing (support to secure RMB loans) and equity injection
  • Operational Turnaround: improving internal operations (bus process review/recommendations)
  • Strategic Turnaround: asset divesture, valuation, strategic advice to reposition company
  • Financing: assisting companies in securing the funds necessary to finance the turnaround until positive cash flows are generated

Tax deregistration procedure

In China, the procedure for company deregistration is rather complicated, particularly in the face of mainland customs and tax departments. However, if your company needs to deregister for any reason, Acclime China is intimately familiar with every sector of company tax deregistration and can, therefore, effortlessly guide you through an otherwise challenging task.

How can Acclime support with tax deregistration?

Thanks to our history of working closely with companies in all areas of Chinese tax and business regulations/legislations, Acclime China will polish all the relevant information regarding tax deregistration and the state administration of taxation and send it to your local tax bureau. Tax deregistration can be a long process, depending on the complexity of your enterprise, it can take roughly six months or up to a year to complete as part of the process of liquidation, deregistration and bankruptcy.

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