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Custodial & company secretary services
in China.

Stay compliant with our ongoing corporate compliance services. We will always ensure that your business meets all the necessary laws and regulations as well as provide practical and viable solutions to your business problems.

Corporate compliance & custodial services in China

Run your business without distractions with a dedicated company secretary/custodian.

Guidance at every step

Trust our years of experience and let us support you and your business. From startups to larger companies, we have successfully assisted and guided a variety of business entities.

Proactive reminders

We keep schedules and monitor compliance requirements in order to notify you in time to avoid any late or missed filings and overdue fees.

Integrated compliance

Our complete suite of corporate services can relieve you from the hassles of having to deal with multiple parties to ensure corporate compliance in different areas, such as tax, accounting and more.

Corporate custodial services

How we act as your company custodian.

Upon successful registration, your company has to stay compliant with local regulations and requirements. We understand that companies want to focus on running their business without being distracted by these administrative or compliance issues, which can often be complicated in China.

Essential corporate compliance services.

    • Preparing a list of and keeping on file all relevant licenses, permits and approvals, company stamps, and other vital documents
    • Registering with the AIC and other relevant authorities as the primary contact point to receive government notices and policy changes and make the necessary updates
    • Updating of relevant licenses, permits, and approvals as required
    • Arranging/allowing use of the company materials as specified by the client in the authorization control document
    • Safekeeping of key employment contracts
Single annual fee

Common questions.

Why is the definition of business agent very important for foreign companies?

Generally, a business agent refers to a company, enterprise or other economic organisation or individual entrusted by a foreign enterprise to act as an agent in any of the following:

  • representing the foreign principal on a regular basis in arranging purchases and signing of purchase contracts on behalf of the principal;
  • entering into agency agreements or contracts with the principal, storing on a regular basis products or commodities owned by the principal, and delivering on behalf of the principal such products or commodities to other parties;
  • being authorised to represent the foreign principal on a regular basis in signing of sales contracts or in accepting purchase orders
What is the significance of a company chop (stamp) in China?

One of the requirements for doing business in China is to own and use an official seal or chop to legally authorize documentation. The company stamp chop contains the registered name of the company and must be approved by the Public Security Bureau. The number of seals companies need to hold may differ depending on the business scope or the different types of official documentation.

Although it is a unique and non-transferable asset of the company, a company seal stamp is vulnerable to unauthorized use by non-accredited individuals, organisations or being copied and manipulated by an impostor, which can be detrimental to a business. While one person within a company can in theory hold all company chops, we would advise a segregation of duties to be created or to assign the chops to a trusted chop custodian services provider. Acclime can provide chop custodian services to create this segregation and protect your business from fraud, the establishment of unauthorized bank accounts, unauthorized chopping of legally binding agreements and other risks.

How to prevent the company chop or seal being used in an unauthorised manner?
At Acclime we can help to ensure the safety of company chops. Through our custodial services, we can ensure that the chops are physically safeguarded with clear policies in case of absence of the custodian, combined with a dedicated maintenance log where the information of each use including the date/time, user’s name, signature and purpose of use. We can also help in constructing clear written policies that define the circumstance and/or purpose for the use of each chop; the authorised custodian for each chop and the custodian’s responsibility for the chop.
Is a company secretary required to register a business in China?
It is not mandatory, but it is strongly advised. Acclime provides statutory corporate secretarial services to our clients, taking the responsibility of maintaining and tracking a large volume of corporate documents. All companies must complete reporting/statutory obligations as it is a legal requirement. It is fair to say corporate compliance in China is complex. Our corporate secretarial services help you manage and avoid the risks of corporate non-compliance.
What is the annual inspection & reporting requirement?

Companies in China are required to undergo an Annual Inspection (for a Representative Office) or are subject to Annual Reporting procedures, conducted by several departments of the government and are required to file accounts according to local reporting requirements. Annual compliance procedures are required by these departments and it is crucial to be aware of the relevant deadlines, as failure to carry them out on time may result in extra expenses, penalties or even the rejection of business licenses.

The documents required for inspection are:

  • Annual Inspection Report.
  • Audit Report issued by an external accounting firm.
  • Financial Statements of the previous year.
  • Certificate of Approval for FIEs, Business license and Capital verification report.
  • Industry-Specific licenses or permits.
  • Financial Registration Certificate.
  • Tax Registration Certificate.
  • Other forms or documentation as required by relevant government departments.

We can support your business in the completion of all these arduous procedures and requirements. This will save you a lot of time and effort. Our team of highly-experienced accountants and financial professionals will assist you during the annual inspection process and help you navigate through all the financial, environmental and administrative reporting requirements, handling of all the bureaucracy.

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