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Hosted by Acclime and R&P China Lawyers

Best practices to ensure compliance in China.

Best practices to ensure compliance in China

About this event

Staying compliant in China can be challenging, especially if you are running your operations across multiple jurisdictions with complex cross-border transactions.

During incorporation, correct license usage and the alignment between certifications and operations are important considerations. Sector-specific registrations are mandatory for any company to legally operate in China.

Moreover, a review of the cost structure, operational expenses and tax payments can uncover potential under-the-table deals. To further shield an operation from fraudulent activities and poor habits by local teams, optimizing standard operation procedures and internal control measurements are effective tools.

Additionally, compliance of labour contracts is the backbone of any healthy organization and setting up a framework of dispute resolution methods helps the local team to avoid potentially lengthy and costly battles.

Furthermore, China has recently prioritized data protection, data privacy and cybersecurity through a series of new laws and regulations. An assessment of a company’s data and its transfer is helpful to determine which mechanism allowed under China’s laws would be applicable to the cross-border data transfer and how to accomplish the transfer and meet the compliance requirements.

Every company’s situation is unique. Therefore, every compliance program needs to be tailored to any specific company’s requirements. In this webinar, China’s premier corporate specialist Acclime and PRC Law Firm R&P China Lawyers jointly analyse the most recent developments and recommended key actions for staying fully compliant in China.


  • Key tax policy developments in China
  • Latest regulatory updates & trends
  • Best practices for managing compliance in China
  • Impact of China’s social credit system
  • 2023 update on Cybersecurity in China
  • New requirements for outbound data transfer from China


  • Robin Tabbers, Director, R&P China Lawyers, Shanghai
  • Mandy Liu, Associate Director, Acclime China, Shanghai

Acclime is Asia’s premier professional services provider, offering corporate advisory, accounting, tax, audit, finance & HR services in China and across the region for international companies that seek a trusted partner for outsourcing and compliance support.

R&P China Lawyers is a PRC law firm offering a full range of legal, compliance, and IP support to international companies investing, operating or doing business in China, in sectors such as retail, consumer goods, agri- & horticulture, food, industrial & manufacturing, software & technology, pharma, and trading & sourcing.

Webinar details

  • Date:
    Jul 6, 2023
  • Time:
    4:00 pm
  • Duration:
    2 hours
  • Location:
  • Speakers:
    Robin Tabbers & Mandy Liu
  • Fee: