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WFOE Registration in China.

Learn everything there is to know about the WFOE registration process and become Chinable!

Our WFOE white paper
can help you:

  • Understand the process of registering a WFOE
  • Anticipate the challenges of expanding to China
  • Learn the post-registration procedures & requirements

A wholly foreign-owned enterprise (WFOE) is a Chinese limited liability company (LLC), which is funded exclusively by a foreign investor’s capital. The establishment of a WFOE in China is subject to various laws and regulations. For some industries it is even prohibited for foreigners to set up a WFOE in China. To provide a better understanding on what is possible and what is required regarding WFOEs in China, we have prepared an extensive white paper. It addresses considerations and the most important topics when establishing a WFOE in China.

The team has been instrumental in the incorporation of our China subsidiary, a process they even completed ahead of our already tight schedule, while providing us a very clear strategy, time line, and guidance along the way. Their detailed memos helped us understanding every step in the process and accelerated our decision-making.
Peter Au, CEO of Hunkemoller China
Acclime helped us successfully register our company in Shenzhen. This was done professionally and we decided to continue with Acclime. They currently assist us with our accounting, hosting our employees and managing some of our activities.
Cos Vrins, CEO of RIDAM

    Four things to consider
    before registering a WFOE.

    Investment structure

    The WFOE’s direct investor’s structure and its jurisdiction plays an important role in the lead-time and complexity of setting up a WFOE. We can assist you in choosing the optimal investment structure for your specific business.

    Registered capital

    It determines the amount of foreign or local currency an investor is allowed to contribute as capital, free of any taxes, to finance the operations of the WFOE.


    Considerations to determine the most suitable district for your investment include preferred physical office location, local policies, (tax) benefits, access to talent, and proximity to suppliers or customers.


    Certain activities in certain industries require extra special licenses, for example import/export, HR, fresh food etc. Acquiring these will prolong the registration process by approximately 1-3 months.

    What’s in the white paper.

    Inside the PDF document, you will find 15 pages detailing the steps to setting up a WFOE in China, including:

    • Advantages of WFOE
    • Key considerations
    • Capital & investment requirements
    • Required company officers
    • Business licenses
    • Compliance requirements

    Ready to start learning about registering a WFOE in China?

    Download your own WFOE Registration white paper.

    About Acclime China.

    Acclime China is part of the Acclime Group – a premier corporate service provider in Asia. Today Acclime has a presence in ten jurisdictions, including Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, with more than 400 professional staff. We can help you advance in other Asian markets too, via our network of partner firms! Since the first year of our existence, Acclime China has provided companies with support in registering for a WFOE in several locations in China. Next to supporting you in China, we can support you in other Asian countries as well!