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Data and Cybersecurity Compliance in China White Paper.

Learn more about China’s Cybersecurity Law and its impact on future data protection and business compliance.

Our cybersecurity white paper can help you:

  • Discover the latest regulatory changes in cybersecurity
  • Assess your own data protection practices
  • Gain SME-specific recommendations for evaluating your business model moving forward

If you are operating a business in China and collect and store customer data, you will want to familiarise yourself with the cyber regulatory environment.

China’s giant strides in technology development caused policy makers to increasingly focus on the country’s data and cybersecurity regulations. These seek to promote the standardisation of cybersecurity and data practices and inadvertently levy additional compliance requirements upon affected companies.

By learning about the evolving regulatory guidelines, you will be better equipped to assess your own data practices and make sure you are following the “best practices”.

What’s in the white paper.

Inside the PDF document, you will find 27 pages detailing the regulatory environment and best data protection practices. The chapters include:
  • Data and cybersecurity governance
  • Emerging legal framework
  • CSL compared to GDPR
  • Industry specific issues
  • Relevance to foreign SME’s

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