Tax advisory, planning & investigation services.

Whether you require advice on tax opportunities or to resolve tax compliance or tax investigation issues, we are here to help.

Tax advisory & planning in Indonesia

Reduce your taxes & boost business profitability.

Your tax system optimised

We will help you minimise your tax liabilities in China by optimising your current tax structure, including tax health checks, identifying and mitigating tax inefficiencies and leaks, eliminating the risk of double taxation and more.

Identifying new opportunities

Each country’s tax environment is intricate and you could be paying more than you need to. Our tax experts will help you reclaim your profits by making the best of available tax concessions, cash repatriation and incentives systems.

Strategic tax planning

For those making significant transactions or dealing with business expansion to emerging markets in Asia, our team can provide the necessary tax guidance for performing them tax-efficiently.
Corporate & personal tax advisory

Our tax advisory services.

Corporate tax.

  • Tax planning, structuring and optimisation

    Our tax advisors can examine transactions that your company is proposing and advise on the optimal way of executing it from the China tax perspective. This includes advising you on restructuring your business models to strengthen the validity of the claim, making use of specific tax rules to lodge deduction claims on their capital expenditure and providing ways to minimise tax liabilities according to the tax law legally.

  • Transfer pricing (TP) advisory

    Where your company is involved in the import/export of goods and services from related parties, our tax experts can provide you with a transfer pricing report. It will analyse the correct method of pricing your products and services and include a comparability analysis with other similar transactions in the market.

Reduce or avoid tax compliance issues
and let us resolve initiated investigations.

  • Tax compliance opinions

    Our tax team can advise you on potential issues your business may face, and propose how compliance is best achieved.

  • Tax or Customs investigations

    The China tax bureau may instigate a tax audit of your company through an investigation team at either local or provincial level. There are many reasons why they might do this. Acclime has extensive experience in dealing with the China tax officials to help you in preparing for a tax audit and handling queries from the officials on your behalf, if needed with assistance of our trusted network.

    We also recommend and assist with a tax-risk assessment to identify areas that can be improved to head off an audit. Common duties and tax compliance issues include under declaration of individual income taxes, using a lower salary base for social insurance contributions, not paying tax over bonuses, not declaring China-sourced income received overseas, fake fapiaos, double deductions, off-books income, shadow books, booking China-sourced revenue overseas, employing foreign employees without work permit, under-declaring the value of imported goods, and using incorrect or wrong HS codes.

Single time- or project-based fee

Personal tax.

  • Personal tax advisory & planning

    In personal tax return preparation, we help identify the allowances and deductions you as an individual or your employees are entitled to and make sure they are included in returns in the most tax-efficient way. It includes:

    • Tax implications of all types on income and share incentives received
    • Structuring of remuneration packages in a tax-effective manner
    • Advice on objections and appeals to income tax assessments

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