Banking & treasury services in China.

Overcome language barriers, fast-changing regulations, and other challenges when banking from overseas. With our banking & treasury services, we will manage the relationships with your banks, assist in bank account opening, loan applications, and process payments in a secure and timely manner.

Banking & treasury services in China

Hassle-free banking, capital settlement, and other payments.

Efficient transactions

You focus on business growth while we take care of visits to the bank and all paperwork, including the support of processing international payments needing currency conversions and reporting.

Timely reminders

Our dedicated team will always remind you of important deadlines so you never have to worry about late payment fees, or falling out of favour with your suppliers, customers or bankers.

Knowledgeable specialists

We have on-the-ground experts who are qualified to work as an extension of an international CFO or manager who can advise or supervise all banking and treasury functions.

Banking & treasury services in China

Everything you need to conduct your financial transactions from afar.

Acclime banking & treasury services offer you an ideal solution to having instant and professional processing and reporting of all your financial transactions, while taking advantage of our team’s excellent banking relationships.

Essential services.

  • Setting up regular payment cycles
  • Managing bank account access keys and passwords
  • Keeping a registry of all company bank accounts
  • Collecting expense reimbursements requests, obtaining confirmation, and processing
  • Processing third-party payments whether ad-hoc or on scheduled dates
  • Preparing and issuing checks according to established rules of approval
  • Completing monthly bank reconciliation and keeping track of and reporting cash flow
  • Declaring received foreign payments via online system
  • Managing all standard in-person bank visits and operational communication with your bank
  • Ensuring that all company payments follow the agreed systems for payment approval and schedules

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Additional services.

  • Opening of corporate bank accounts
  • Drafting of rules and authorization document to determine authority to make payments
  • Advising on company financing
  • Handling incoming and outgoing international payments that require currency conversions
  • Advising on tax impact of inbound and outbound transactions

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